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We are a Family Practice

Providing care to patients of all ages and genders throughout their whole life.

Welcome to

Wetherill Park Family Practice

As a Family Practice our Doctors provide care to patients of all ages and genders and assisting the patient through all stages of their life. Our Doctors treat a large variety of different health conditions.


Active in preventative Health

Family physicians are active in overseeing your preventive care needs and engaging in educating you in disease prevention. Health maintenance is one of the biggest functions a family doctor aims to achieve.

Manage Chronic conditions

Common Chronic health conditions such as; heart disease, asthma, diabetes and cancer are conditions managed by family physicians. Our Doctors provide ongoing and personalised health care to their patients, continuing to use diagnostic tests to assess the progress and determine the next best step in the individualised treatment plan.

Interfaces with a collaborative network of physicians to provide you with integrated care to ensure all of your medical needs are met.

Family Practice Practitioners use a Collaboration in health care approach that involves coordinating on your behalf with other services to assist with your treatment plan. Referrals can be made by your Doctor for services such as; Rehabilitation, occupational therapists, mental health workers, social workers, specialists and other health care providers. They stay involved and informed, acting as your primary care physician.


Provide Holistic Comprehensive Medical Care

Having a Holistic Care approach means our Doctors acknowledge a person as a whole being and recognises the relationship between the biological, social, psychological and spiritual aspects when looking at the health care needs of that person.